Bel Pils

No. BE064 HK$11.50

酒精 Alcohol: 5.2%

推介: 酒精比較少的Bel Pils , 入口淡淡地有點像Budweiser




Bel Pils, a low fermentation luxury Pilsner with 5% alcohol content, is one of the most traditional Belgian Pilsners. It owes this position mainly to its authentic recipe that still respects the original ingredients of the past. On the other hand, Bel Pils’ typical taste is mainly due to the use of Saaz hops, conferring their characteristic bitter aroma and flavour to the beer. That is why Bel Pils differs from most other, sweeter beers that follow the mainstream represented by popular soft drinks.

To a steadily growing public, the blue label incarnates quality without compromises and the certainty of a self-willed product in the best Belgian tradition, but still with a window on the world.